Motivational Business Speaker

Jill’s strength is in her ability to connect with and motivate her audience. Her keynote speaking style is based on her understanding of personalities and because of this, she is able to motivate audiences while providing practical solutions to key business issues.  As a leadership speaker, she helps businesses create corporate cultures that help motivate people to achieve their potential and transform managers into better leaders. Jill’s creates a lasting impact that motivates real change.

Sales Training and Employee Engagement

34% of your workforce is thinking about quitting your organization. Strong two-way communication will help workers feel as if their jobs are meaningful and their work itself is valuable. But understanding each employee can be challenging because everyone is different, which means a person’s disengagement can’t be addressed in the same way as his or her co-workers. Jill Davis is a DISC Behavioral Analysis Expert and can help your employees re-engage in your mission, communicate better, and increase their productivity. Training includes ways to recognize and encourage your employees in growth.

Hiring Solutions and Personal Development

The first step in creating a culture of excellence is identifying and hiring the right people for the right jobs. Our DISC personality assessments allow you to hire, promote, and retain top performing people that are a good fit for your company.

DISC Certification Training

DISC is a model of human behavior that helps people understand “why they do what they do.” Jill is a DISC Behavioral Analysis expert and has created her own certification program, through The Workshop Box. Learn the proper application of DISC and other personality assessment reports to empower teams and individuals to achieve maximum results. Upon successful completion of the training, you will be able to teach the DISC model in your organization for long lasting results.